Time Input widget and Sunrise/Sunset values

I am trying to use the Time Input widget. When I enter in the field “start at” / “stop at” a particular time, widget work correctly. If I enter at least in one of the fields value “sunrise” / “sunset” Blynk notifies “Your app is outdated, please update.”. Then a value in this field is returned to the previous. Blynk 1.15.2. on Android 4.2.1 / 6.0.1, HW ITEAD Sonoff (like ESP8266).

Hello. Thank you for reporting. Yeap, that’s a bug. Will be fixed very soon.

Yeah, I’m noticing some shenanigans on this widget too. I was getting a “server outdated” message, and it was, so I updated to server-0.18.2.jar, and it stopped complaining, and instead started reporting strings (I guess they’re all strings) to the hardware, these strings being equal to “sr” and “ss” for sunrise and sunset, whereas entering a fixed time would give me however many seconds past midnight or whatever…

So my question is, will these sr and ss values ever be updated to an actual time? Or is it up to me? And then comes the awful task of deciding what to do if the sun doesn’t set in the current locale (not the case where I live, but some places…) Or when (or IF) those values should ever update on their own? Like, would the server push this info to the hardware automatically every day? Or does sr and ss just tell the hardware to use a light sensor?

Thank you for your thoughts!


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