Time input issues not loading

Happy new year everyone.

Having issues with my dosing pump project. Its Arduino mega, RTC, bluetooth and 4x relays.

Ive come to terms with not being able to use the auto connection sync because of the BT, thats fine, I have added a button that I will press whenever I open the app and connect to the unit. I can retrieve the date for the dosage amount and the status of the on/off buttons but cannot draw the time from the Arduino to the app.

  1. When I open the app and connect, should whatever I put in the app be sent to the Blynk cloud and then reload itself when I open it again? Because it’s not for some reason.

  2. Is there a way to write the data from the Arduino to the time input widgets when I hit the sync button?

Thanks all, Steve.

Link to screenshot…

Just ordered a 8266. Hopefully I can connect through wifi and make it easier for me