Time Input in Web Dashboard

I already found some topics discussing the unavailablity fo Time Input on the web dashboard. And I’m already confirmed that this widget is available on the mobile app.

But, reading the documentation, I understand that in order to allow a wifi commisioning of a device, you need to create a template on the Web Dasboard.

My application needs a way to send a Time Start and Time End to the device, and that data has to be available to the hardware even if it is offline (I’m building an aquarium lamp that worked fine with the old Blynk).

How I can solve this with the new and great tools of the new BLYNK 2.0?

Is there any way to create a “template” on the mobile and once ready, tranfer it ot the web dashboard for multiple wifi commisioning of devices?

I think that maybe you are getting confused about the role of the template.
It’s best to create the template in the web console, and it’s where you define the type of hardware and the datastreams and their types. You can also design the layout on the web dashboard, but that’s not mandatory.
You then create a device based on that template, and you can open this device in the app and add the widgets that you require.

You’ll need the time input widget for this, and it’s up to you how you write the code to achieve this functionality. If you have something that works already in the Legacy app then it’s usually quite simple to migrate that to Blynk IoT.


Thanks Pete,

I’m sorry for using the wrong concepts for describing the new Web Console.

As you said, I already have an app and device working and usins time input widget and works great. But with Blynk 2.0 I want to take the next step and sell the product.

And the device wifi comissioning feature is great for the user set up of the product (aquarium lamp).

Reading the docs, it says that in order to do that, I need to create a template on the web console, but I didn’t find a widget as the time input.

I’m sorry if my question is still not clear.

Can you explain please ?

The web dashboard doesn’t have a TimeInput widget. However, if your product needs only mobile apps you don’t need to add them on the web. Mobile and web dashboards are different and usually have a different purposes.

Thanks Dmitriy. I understand.

You are right, I believe the web dashboard doesn’t add value to my end user.

Then, How I can do wifi device comissioning creating the app just on the mobile?

I’m talking about this feature:

  • When you create a template on the mobile, a web template is created automatically.
  • When you create a template on the web, a mobile template is created automatically.

Web Template has 1 to 1 connection with the mobile template. In other words, every mobile template has a web template as a reference.

So if you already have a mobile template - you don’t need to do anything. You just need to use the existing templateId in your sketch and that’s it.

During the provisioning, mobile app will check if your organization has corresponding templateId that is stored on the hardware. If it is present- your users will be able to provision the devices and see the mobile dash you created.

Thank you Dmitriy,

I wasn’t easy but I found the way to create a mobile template on the app. Now I have to find the way to assign the right virtual pins to each widget.

But I think it’s matter for another topic.

Edit your template in the web console and define the virtual datastreams that you need.
Give them sensible names and choose the correct variable type and be careful to define minimum and maximum ranges that are appropriate.
When you’ve done, save the changes and apply them to your device(s).

In the app, edit the widget and select the appropriate datastream. This is where assigning sensible names comes in to its own.

Some widgets require specific data stream variable types, so the list of available datastreams will be filtered to show ones that are appropriate.


Thank you Pete!