Time input and NodeMCU issue

Hello everybody,

I’m using a nodemcu to connect with Blynk succesfully, I have my app almost ready but I have a problem using the Time Input widget in IOS.

I have it configured to use start, stop and weekday selection, no more. it is working properly if I set a starting time, stopping time and weekdays, but when I don’t set a starting time I receive in t.getStartHour() a 6 in minutes a 28 and in seconds a 15.
If I don’t set stopping time I receive same time 6:28:15
In weekdays, if I select minimum 1 week day it works properly, but if no week day is selected, I receive every of t.isWeekdaySelected(i) as true.
I can check this time (6:28:15) to know if is no starting time or stopping time selected, but it makes my code more difficult.

I try to use the example code to check this issue and I get exactly same issue.

Nobody else has this issue?

Thanks for your help!

Hello i have the same issue
please help
also i would like to add that when i am dont setting start and stop time
the t.hasStartTime() & t.hasStopTime() return true anyway

Well, the day selection time you can solve by doing this:

Go to “C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\Blynk\src” and open WidgetTimeInput.h with notepad++ for example and change this line:
mWeekdays = -1; // All set
mWeekdays = 0; // All set

Now, whenever you don’t select a weekday, it is inactive.

If you don’t select a Stop Time or a Start Time the time is always 6:28:15 (probably selected as sunrise or sunset time by default).
I also want a fix for this issue!

Maybe you can set something like, if no start or stop time is selected, the StartSeconds/StopSeconds are =999999 instead of 6:28:15?
Wanna help with this? :slight_smile:

We would love a fix for this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

what about the t.hasStartTime() & t.hasStopTime() issue?