Tile and web dashboard only working in one direction

New to Blynk 2.0.
I have tried a very basic setup with an esp8266 and an Android phone. With no extra code added to the edgent 8266 sketch apart from a template and a name, the dashboard has a single switch on V0 and the phone has a button as a switch also on V0 and a tile set as a switch on V0. With the device on or offline the the button widget updates the web dashboard and vice versa but the tile will not update the dashboard whereas the dashboard will update the tile, tried setting up again a few times with the same result. Do tile switches work in a different way to widgets ? or have I missed something obvious.

That should read tile and web dasboard.

I’ve updated your topic title.
(I assume that was what you were referring to).


Hi all, I am still having problems trying to get the tile feature working correctly in button / switch mode. I have the latest library and board files installed and have set up an ESP32 using edgent ,with led on pin 25 within the blynk write function on V1. Button as switch on web dashboard integer 0/1 with equivalent on phone app. Everything works fine from both web and app and I can see hex codes to server with blynk debug enabled every time button on web console or phone app is activated. Tile is setup as button/ switch (0/1) on V1 but although the button takes me to the widget screen operation of the central area shows the action but no debug info and no response from device. I feel that I am making a basic error but cannot track it down. Any advice would be appreciated. As the title suggest I did have this working once but it just seemed to update the web console an not the other way around.

Read this:


Hi Pete

Thanks for the quick reply, I had exactly that problem yesterday when using V0 and a dashboard switch but deleting and re-installing the switch (still on V0) appeared to cure the problem. I changed to V1 just in case there was an underlying problem with V0, everything thing is working fine apart from I cannot get the tile on the first screen to act as a switch on any virtual pin. It would be good to have the most basic or important switch function on the tile that appears when opening the phone app to save going to the second widget screen if other functions or widgets were not required. Maybe its is related to the V0 problem I will wait and see. Appreciate your input.