Three Particle Photons - App not showing 'online' - RED - App Mode Only

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void loop()

Hello All,

Great App. I have three (3) Particle Photons that I have had connected from about two (2) years ago to as much as the last few months.

I have one Photon connected two (2) years ago that works through the App Mode but not in the build preview mode.

The other two (2) Photons only work in the build mode and not the Preview App Mode like the first one. All of my photons connect through the Particle Cloud and can be pinged (blinking rainbow). When I call for them in the console, I see them and they display some information. So the hardware does work with the Blynk App, but only one of the Photons works in the Preview App Mode (It displays Humidity and Temp) and controls a relay. The other two Photons only work in build mode and I can still control relays, etc. less display Temp and Humidity (only works in Preview App Mode).

I get the offline signal as well but I know it is connected to a certain sense. They are all static keys - nothing changed with my wifi, all on 2.4; Router and boards in same room.

Thanks all.