Thousands Seperator together with slider is buggy

Hey there,

I just noticed a problem regarding Sliders in the Webapp and the otional thousands seperator in VirtualPin Datatsream configurations:

I created a small sktech, where V7 is an integer VirtualPin Datastream. As it is a time duration in milliseconds the number is sth. about 1.000 up to 3.000 milliseconds. To change this duration I paralelly create a slider in the Webapp.

When thousand seperator is deactivated, everything works fine:
You click in Webbrowser on devices, choose the device and all sliders (as well as V7) poll their current values and show them right to slider.

However, as soon as I activate the thousands seperator in the datastream options for this number (V7/, Int), this autopoll of values for V7 does not work anymore when opening webapp, or on restart of the device. Instead, slider is shifted to the most left, no value is given (see screenshot), however as soon as I move the slider, the value is shown and changed for the device.


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Thanks for the detailed report. We’re already looking into it!