This is curious 2 Blynk Android apps showing different times for "Online Since"

I have one WiFi Blynk app that controls my heating system that was having issues with Blynk disconnects, sometimes frequently sometimes infrequently. This app has been on my network for several years. The whole time I’ve suspected that the problem really lies with CenturyLink our DSL provider. But that’s a whole other story. Anyhow, in order to try and document when these disconnects occur and how frequently I created a parallel app that really does nothing with Blynk except “;”. I update a record to a ThingSpeak channel when the device comes back online. Each record contains a time down, a time back online, and some diagnostic information regarding if it’s only a Blynk disconnect or if my DSL link is down. The two apps have been tracking closely to each other.

This morning when I checked my ThingSpeak channel I had an outage at 7:17 PDT. However when I checked each apps “Online since” (See attached screen shots) I noticed that they were off by an hour. I suspect that they are in different timezones but can’t find out how to change it.

For how long time had the outage lasted? Could it be possible that one of the devices reconnected fast, so server has not marked it for offline due to fast reconnect? On timezone - app is using the smartphone’s timezone and shows time according to it.

In any case we will check this issue.

I doubt it because it’s a big coincidence that the 2 times are exactly 1 hour apart.