The ProjectIO colab

I just installed ProjectIO after seeing that Blynk was colaberating with them but really unsure how this works or what you would be doing with them?

I tried PlatformIO too because the editor is so much better than Arduino IDE, however, the thing is build around another sort of text editor with lots of plugins (Atom I believe) and the library handling and the way you setup project is somewhat different from the Arduino IDE.

Bottom line, I couldn’t even get a simple Blynk example to compile because it kept whining about missing libraries. The Lirbary system of platformio is, putting it mildly, more useless than a T.Rex his front arms.

Before announcing their co-op I would’ve though there would be at least some documentation. Now it’s going to bounce off because no one knows where to start. I think it’s too early to announce co-op without proper documentation :slight_smile:

I’ll leave it as a secret for now. We just have a roadmap right now. However all this has only 1 purpose - simplify everything for end user.