The nodeMCU 8266-12e connects to network but not to blynk cloud

The nodeMCU8266-12e does not connect to blynk cloud,it connects to my network but not to blynk cloud! what could be the error?’ any help will be appriciated

Without details of the code you’re running, and info from your serial monitor, nobody will be able to do more than guess at what the issue might be.


i am running the blynk wifi exsample sketch esp8266 standalon ssl , the serial monitor says its connected to my home wifi and then prints : [2679]connecting to
[7648] got time:sun jan 27 17:59:12 2019 this is the message i get in serial monitor over and over again

I don’t think the ESP8266 has enough horsepower to work well with SSL. What happens if you switch to a regular connection using port 80?


thx for help it works now flawlessly,once again thx for your help,had to run nodeMCU not esp8266 exsample

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BTW, SSL now uses port 9443… so make sure you have the latest App & Library. Or manually enter that port, if you decide to try SSL again.