The Blynk crashes on startup (Android)


When i run the Blynk application, the application crashes: “An error has occurred in the” Blynk “application.”

  1. My phone is asus zenfone2 (androind).
  2. The other phone has a similar problem.
  3. Under a different login on all phones Blynk works correctly.

andorid 5.0
blynk app 2.13.4
cloud server

The problem is probably with my account. Before the problem, I added new devices.
Help, please, to solve this problem.

Hello. Did you sent us crash report? Also what is your login email?

Please send us a crash report via the dialog with ‘An error has occurred in the" Blynk "application.’ message with some comment so we could understand that it is your issue. Thanks

Seems you already sent this crash report. The issue is connected with formatting on labeled display widget. Could you PM @Dmitriy with your login - so he could fix labeled display widget’s formatting param until we will release a new build.

I removed problem widget.

Next release will contain a fix

Thank you for efficiency.
Now it works correctly