Thanks Blynk. my smart home, safety and comfort

I’m not a programmer but with Blynk everything is very easy, I have everything automated, the lights and security systems on the doors, laser sensor and even the water I can control it from the phone,
here the video


WHY ?! Why do you want to control your sink with your phone ?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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As for the laser i would suggest that if you ever get a dog to switch that to a movement sensor.

just because Blynk makes it very easy

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ok :+1:

A Blynk Sink… the idea of “Make Everything IoT” is circling the drain now :stuck_out_tongue: And lasers!!! Pew pew :joy:

Nice setup… do you have any further details on the install?

I actually like a controlled sink Idea, as many people forget turninng it off and leave home. When control is established, you can start thinking about interesting use cases.

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I would move the electrovalve to the main water line so, when traveling, I’d shut it off preventing any water escape in the kitchen or bathrooms:wink: