TFT LCDs(No, Not the LCDs we already have.)

So, TFT LCDs are not implemented yet in blynk. It is quite hard to use an hardware TFT LCD. Can someone add it for us?

I’m thinking there wouldn’t be much difference between software and hardware tft’s. You have to address each and every pixel. No matter how you make them.

But If we have a software one we have less pain in the ass of for example putting the shield in the arduinos.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but the only difference, I think, would be a couple wires. I agree it’s a pain in the bum to program for TFT’s, but still. A hardware one is sometimes needed for stuff.

There is also the Nextion ones by the way, they are somewhat of a compromise and work well with Arduino’s. You might want to check them out. They also have touch functions, so that should be interesting :slight_smile:

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However I think It certainly would be less pain in the ass if we had a software tft lcd. Also we need it resizable. The ability ro resize would be good for many widgets.

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The whole Blynk app is a TFT… No? :slight_smile:

Yes, and No. The Blynk app is still before the TFT. Maybe TFTs could be an alt for image displays, and will help make more projects.We could (maybe) even make Blynk inside Blynk, even if it’s hard tho.