Terminal widget

Would it be possible that the app always keep the messages in the terminal widget when the app is closed and restarted? Maybe a command to clear the windows if/when needed?

This is possible. But will be done only after other issues with higher priority.

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I’d like to float this idea back up to the top. I’ve been using terminal as a kind of event log in the app for my house HVAC (app is almost always on) but if the app crashes, reset, etc., I lose the event log. Or maybe a “log widget” would be a useful addition: User-customizable dimension (in the app) that just holds whatever you print there. I messed with using Twitter in this way but like having everything in the Blynk app. Thanks.

New ideas should be posted as a new topic. Otherwise, it will be buried in the forum.

Is there a way to keep the messages in the Terminal widget for when the app is closed?

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Created ticket for that - https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server/issues/200 we will try implement in 0.16.0 version.

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Thank you. Same problem has the Graph Widget … :frowning: