[Terminal Widget] On multiple devices

The problem is that the project goes frequently offline as soon as I use 2 devices.
That is why when I push a command, it doesn’t work at each time.

I stopped yesterday the second device and the project works perfectly now.
So it’s sure the problem come from the multi-device with same auth token.

After that, I began to adapt my project for multiple token but unfortunatly I noticed It’s not possible to display several virtual from different auth token in the same hystory graph (no “tag” possibility). So impossible to display comparative data between my different hardware. And it’s one of my primary objective :frowning:

Same problem, but of secondary importance:
It’s not possible to display the status of the different hardware in the same terminal widget.
Again no “tag” possibilty. You only can choose one device to link.
I also tried to use the “device selector” widget, but again one device at the same time.
(+ just for info, the property color doesn’t work anymore when using device selector.)

Finally, I think there is no way to get out of the situation.
Unless it’s possible to organize the communication with multiple devices with same token, to avoid disconnect.
Or unless an improvement of Blynk that should permit to use the “tag” option with readings widgets, and not only for commands widgets. So I could use hystory graph as I did with same auth token.
Is it possible such upgrade could be implemented?

Thanks a lot for your help.