Terminal, time without RTC module

I would like to know if the way exists without having to use the RTC module, to display in the terminal, when the device sends a string with terminal.print (); also the time during which the string was sent.

You can use the RTC widget, which allows you to get the time in your code. As ample sketch is here:


thank you so much Pete, I never used this widget … now I try it.

Ok, it works perfectly but maybe you can help me for a little customization:

the date that appears to me is in this format
I need it to be displayed like this
Is there any trick I could not find?

Do a google search for substring().
You’ll probably need to assign year to a temporary string variable, then use substring to place characters 3&4 of that variable into your date string.


of course, of course … I hadn’t thought of this simple trick. Thanks again