Terminal repeating...and lots of connecting to server messages

@Gunner doesn’t visit the forum that often anymore, and as his last post in this topic was over 18 months ago it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll have the code you are referring to.

In addition, his main contribution to this topic was about the need to stagger timer intervals, which turned-out not to be the cause of the issue (it was actually a bug in the iOS app, covered more concisely in this topic:

What exactly was it that you were wanting from @Gunner?


I simply used and screenshot the code already provided by the OP :wink:

Yup, I have totally lost that “blynkin feeling” :stuck_out_tongue: Will perhaps pop in in another few months, or not…


Freakishly off topic and I’m dreading a ban from the forum… But I couldn’t stop a flashback popping up in my head from the second (and last) time in my life I sang karaoke!

In the wee hours at a party, I fearlessly grabbed the mic and sang (well… that’s up for discussion) the Righteous Brothers classic You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.

Still puts a smile on my face when thinking about it!

Stay safe and remember to smile once in a while!

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