Templates in the mobile version are not deleted

Hello, how do I remove a template from the mobile version?


I deleted the cache, even reinstalled the program, there is not a single template in the web version.

And did you read the last comment about it being a bug which will be fixed?


I think Blynk has come up with template limitation because since yesterday till now I can not create new template any time I click the Done button if says " Manufacturer field can contain only letters, digits or space " and am using the same method as I used on the first one

Am tired of Blynk now

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@Bright_Adinkra do you see errors on the web or on the mobile? What did you type into the manufacturer field?

Thank you, I understand, we will wait.

At first i did not type anything in there
And now I type in Blynk QA but still could not create new template

The same error?

Yes please the same error

Could you please make screenshot of the error and field “manufacturer” you have?