Template setting Titel Type 2 Lables BUG

I have found what I believe is a BUG unless I’m missing something.

In Blynk App Mobile, under device setting I choose 2 Labels to be show on the Main Interface, one Switch and 1 Label.
The Lable is a Live bit from ESP32 that changes between 0 and 1 every 5 Sec
The Switch is connected to another Virtual Pin to Turn Off/On a Digital Output.

The Lable Live bit works fine and it changes betwen 0 and 1 every 5 sec as it should.
The Switch when I turn On it turns On the Digital Output as it Should.
But when Lable Live bit at next change, the Switch changes also to 0 “Only on the App Interfacese” but Physically it doesn’t send anything to my ESP32 but it shows Off and stays Off until I change it to On but again at the next change of the Label Live it Switches back Off by itself.

In ESP32 Logic there is no relation or connection between the Virtual Pin of Label Live and th Virtual Pin of the Switch.

I also tried to change the Virtual Pin of the Switch to another free Virtual Pin not used in the Logic just to see what will happen, it does tha same …

When I remove the Label and I leave only the Switch, it works fine and changes only when I do it by myself, but when I put again the Label with the Switch the problem exist again.

Any idea why this or anyone had ever faced this BUG?.

Thanks in Advance

Android or iOS?
App version number?


Android 14.04
Blynk 1.18.0

Is that the app version that it shows in the About screen of the app?



Any update is highly appreciated from the developper side regarding this BUG… It is important for my project.