Template ESP8266 for ESP32 devices

Hi Blynkers, Just a quick question. Can NodeMCU ESP8266 template can be used or deployed to ESP32 devices?


As far as I know, the bit where you choose the device type for the template has no purpose in Blynk. It seems to simply be a memo field.

Blynk Legacy had some functionality where when you chose a board type it changed the number of virtual pins that are available, and also changed the analog and digital pins that were available.
Blynk Legacy has a kind of messed-up system for handling analog and digital pins, and doesn’t currents change these based on the template device type.
I think that if you stick to using virtual pins (something I’d recommend anyway) then any future changes to the function of this field won’t make any significant changes to your project.

Obviously different code is needed for the devices that use ESP32s compared to ESP8266s.


Thank you Pete for your enlightenment.