Tasker with blynk

I wrote a tutorial for tasker :smiley:


Hi @bobli,
I will try to use it as soon as possible. Many thanks for your time and effort. :heart_eyes:

Looks like something many people wanted!


Hi twobe,
Thank you for providing us with the tasker profiles. I have downloaded them and imported them in to my task list.
I have also updated the variable %BLYNK_AUTHTOKEN with my blynk projects auth token. Beyond this i am not sure how to get through. I have the trial version of the Send/Expect tasker plugin installed. Could you kindly explain what i need to change/do in order to digitalWrite D1 high?
Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

would you kindly tell us how you set up the send/expect plugin. Im having a little bit of trouble getting any of this to work. I even tried the JavaScript method mentioned by @twobe

I don’t really have the time to explore this further, but I can tell you that digitalWrite wont work at all, it didn’t for me at least.
I don’t really know how to Import the .XML files into tasker, but you can use my plugin, it should work.

BTW did you try my python script? you just need to change the variables in the beginning and run it from the shell. It should then print out the payload.

there is something many user want it, not priority to have a tasker plugin yet?