Talk to my blynk from a third party?

I need help urgently. I may have purchased this product in error.

I need to communicate with the blynk using a custom app (not inside the blink sandbox)… is this possible? Can I communicate directly? I need to be able to make my device respond to my server’s events (or directly respond from my phones push notification.)

Thanks in advance,


Hello. Sure. What about HTTP API?

I was looking at this- my issue is id like to communicate directly with my chip… Im trying to use a stepper motor, timing is important…

Blynk works over the internet or USB or BLE.

You need to explain better what your task is.

Well I want to make an iphone app (I am a iOS Developer by profession) that can control a stepper motor… from what I gather here, I would either have to communicate using the blynk app or using the http rest api as a middle man… both of which wont work for my project. do you guys have an iOS SDK which would allow me to communicate with the board in real time ? (ill have to send hundreds or perhaps thousands of commands to make the motor turn…)

Currently iOS SDK is available only for commercial use.

However I don’t think that sending thousands of commands will solve your task. Why don’t you send the signal that will trigger the function? For example you send start/stop and speed parameters, and then the hardware does the rest?

Sure, the above makes sense, about sending the signal that triggers a function… is there an example somewhere of a function triggered by http request so I can hack that away?


send HTTP request to a V pin and then trigger a function

    //start yourFunction();

You could also use websockets. Example