Tabs widget question

I need to change to other Tab pressing a button in the active Tab.

How can I do it?

Not possible with the current version of Blynk.


Are you sure? It is a basic functionality that is incorporated in all visual development environments I know. Switching between screens by pressing a button is necessary. Someone used to doing it will find frustrating using always the Tabs bar. Imagine if there are 10 tabs.

The current (free for hobbyists) version on Blynk has not had any development for almost two years.

There is a well established Blynk V2.0 for commercial customers . . . hopefully this will be available for hobbyists soon . . .ish . . .one day . . .???

I would expect this sort of feature to be available.


PS. I agree with you entirely, I have a project using tabs to consolidate a number of BME280 sensors around my home into one project (app); each tab is very details, so I created a “dashboard” tab to just display the temperature in each location . . . it is intuitive to click directly on the display to get to each tab . . . but alas, I need to click the tabs ABOVE the display . . . maybe one day . . .