TABs Line lost ability to change color

So have several projects in BLYNK - using a Local Server and the latest versions of the Server and APP (on an iPhone). The Local server is running on a Raspberry Pi 3B. The projects are all running on ESP8266 processors.

Everything is running fine overall. However today I opened BLYNK on my iPhone and the TAB line for 4-5 projects had gone to GREEN as the background and White Letters. However one project the TAB line went BLACK and the TEXT (selected or NOT went black too).

Now the ones that went GREEN were easy - just went back into the TAB edit area and I could change the parameters. HOWEVER the one that went BLACK on BLACK has the edit parameters GRAYed out.

Now the Black on Black tabs work - if you press in the appropriate area - things change as expected. But obviously you can NOT see anything.

Given there has been No Code Change to these PROJECTS the questions are as follows:

  1. Any clue why they suddenly changed
  2. Why 4 to Green w/ White and 1 to Black w/ Black - what might have been different
  3. Why would the Edit parameters get GRAYed out (i.e. locking the color scheme)
  4. Is there a way the PROJECT files can change TAB colors and/or disable the edit options?


Can you show a screenshot what you mean by that?