Tabs and scroll

I have a couple of ideas for your project: it would be great to add tabs so that there can be different groups of controls (e.g.: lights, ventilation, security) conveniently placed within one project. Also I would like the to have the ability to scroll the page, which will let me place more widgets.



Hi, do you currently reaching limit of widgets on your screen?

+1 for tabs - for me it’s more about organization and and being able to present things in a nice fashion then just dumping controls on a screen

Tabs would be awesome. Imagine if you are making a control dashboard for a home automation/security system. You could organize widgets together for “Main floor”, “Upstairs”, “Basement”, “Garage”, and “Outside” separately, on their own screens.

Oddly to say but yes :). The buttons take up too much space. It would be great if there was an ability to make them smaller.

@Pavel, what do you think?

I think there are possibilities to expand the working space and organize it. We can definitely consider this great ideas for the future. I would like to come back to this discussion after we deliver the rest of the widgets.

I know realize there are a couple of posts about scroll and the number of widgets on a screen but I would like to come back to this one.

I appreciate the difficultly around providing the ability to scroll the page - as it could interfere with other specific touch events or other widgets.

However, even with tabs ( which I love - thank you ), logically on a tab I do have more widgets that I would like to have together than can fit on the screen. So within a tab, or just on the main page, a pagination control could be helpful, IMHO. This way touch events are limited to the pagination control, meaning hopefully there will not be touch event conflicts with other controls.

Thanks for your consideration and thank you putting together such a great product.