Table, lost icon status when I get out of the my blynk app

• Arduino MEGA 2560 with Ethernet Shield
• Samsung S8
• Blynk server
• Blynk Library version 2.27.10

  • the papge shows me the current status of windows (open/close --> auf/zu)
  • when I start the app all red dots/icons are filled (status is correct)
  • than I close the app
  • later on I open the app again
  • status will not be correct displayed
  • see image

  • all red icons/dots should be filled (with red color);
  • the Status was not changed,
  • the first was filled next four not filled
  • I have 21 points on the list and it is the same: first ist filled than for not filled, than one filled four not filled and so on

I hope it is a clear description



Which version of the blynk library is used?

Can you install our beta version (it is available via google play), and send the logs from it (as it has support for logging)?

last update was made already made on 07. Nov. 2019; I have not seen; now version 2.27.11 is on my phone;
problem is still there; what do you mean send the logs; I don’t understand what you ask for; Thank’s

Hi Blynk Dev!
There has been a similar problem for about a month …
After simply exiting and returning to the App, the highlighted row in the table by “pick” and the text in the table become faded.
I’m use last ver. of Blynk APP 2.27.11 and last ver. of Local Server. Samsung galaxy S7edge

I’ve uploaded 2.27.12 with a fix to this issue - it should be available to update in several hours

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