Table don't hold data when re-entering the app

Hi. I like to work with Blynk and have bought a lot of energy for my upcoming projects. But when I want to work with Table Widget, I have some problems. That is when I exit the phone main screen and re-enter the app, it displays “No data”. My detail:
• Board NodeMCU
• Smartphone Android 9
• Blynk server
• Blynk Library version 0.6.1
• Use the example code (Table_Simple) in Blynk library
I have investigated but cannot make mistakes. Please help me!

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Thanks for the report, we will check it. What version of the android app are you using?

Blynk version 2.27.6

Data appear a little bit and then display “no data”

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I join this problem. Application version 2.27.6. Latest version of local server and libraries.

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I’ve uploaded new 2.27.6 builds with a fix to this issue

Many thanks @BlynkAndroidDev, it’s working fine for me now.
But, suddenly, all my projects are in “dark” theme… the fact to change it to “light” has no effect, it’s always “dark”…



The table works, thanks

Wow, I’ll investigate that issue

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I’m uploading a bugfix build for this dark theme issue, I guess it will be available soon

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Coming back to the light side!

Thanks @BlynkAndroidDev!
It’s working again.



Coming back from the dark side!