Syncing Multiple Menu Widgets


I have multiple tabs ( three to be exact ) and each one I have a Menu called “Mode Selector”. My question: is there a way to sync these?

For example, if I am on the first tab and click on the Mode Selector Menu and choose the 3rd option, is there any way I can tell the Mode Selector Menu on the second tab to select the same option?

I use the first Menu on V0, second on V1, and third on V2 in their respective tabs and they have the same fields.


In your code for each menu you also include virtualWrite’s to the virtual pins for the other menus.

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Should I send it with a corresponding int or the string that they are labeled?

Like this? in the BLYNK_WRITE( V0 ) Blynk.virtualWrite( V1, 3 );

or something like this?? Blynk.virtualWrite( V1, “Selected Menu Option”);

and if I have to send it as a string, do I have to send it as the exact same text/will it rename it?


You send the index of the menu not the string. The index starts at 1, not the normal 0 for many array objects. If you click the i for information icon against any widget it gives you lots of useful info including in most cases a demo sketch.


Thank you!