Sync to server after loss of wifi

Hi all
First of all, I want to say thanks to the Blynk-team, the project is very nice!

I am building this simple little project with the ESP8266 connected to a relay on GPIO02. I want to control a lamp with a pushbutton/switch in the Blynk app (using UNO hardware profile in the app for now).
The system works and I can change the state of the relay in the app, but after loss of internet connection (resetting my local wifi-network etc.) my problem occur. The ESP automatic resets and reconnects to the Blynk server, but the output on GPIOs are not set to the previous state set in the app.
I am having the same issue using the slider in the app etc.

When the hardware and app does not sync to the server, I can not see Blynk being used remote.
What are the plans, implementing sync, so you are always sure that the hardware output in the same as seen in the app?

// MalmQ

Hi. Glad that you noticed it. We are going to fix this in the nearest future. Our roadmap for enhancing it looks next (in terms of priority):

  1. Save the state of all the controls in the UI
  2. Track the change of the hardware state and reflect it in the UI
  3. Make it possible to automatically restore all values if hardware resets and connects back to server.
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Thanks for the fast reply!
I will be looking forward to the update then :smile:


   this problem is solved or not if u solve this problem please send the solved code......

Thanks & Regards