Sync button in app with relay status

Don’t we all at some time… but it was your insistent red herring of a need to see the status changes even when there is no connection (PS, not possible) that just confused matters.

Marking this topic solved and moving on with life :stuck_out_tongue:

GTT, daveblynk, and PeteKnight you all deserve the award for patience and perseverance.
Your dedication to provide meaningful help and education on this forum is outstanding.
Reading this topic was, for me, akin to watching a train wreck. I couldn’t help but keep reading on and on even though I wasn’t directly involved or experiencing the problem, just trying to learn from the experts.
Kudo’s to you all for continually offering assistance in the face of obstructions and objections.



A friend of mine has a saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you cant stop it pi**ing in it”

That saying has come to mind several times with this topic!


Nice. With statements like that i just feel i’m not welcome.

When people go out of their way to offer advice an assistance, and in return they get comments like the ones above, it tends to be a bit of a turn-off.
A more gracious/humble approach would have turned this topic from the…

into a much less adversarial, and much more productive (for you) dialogue.

My take on this is that you’ve become frustrated and just can’t help taking this frustration out on those who are trying to assist you, hence the use of my friend’s proverb.


FYI, my new, and overkill :wink: , example of App and Physical Button Syncing

Now I can hook up three coffee makers for maximum burnage :rofl:

I’ve always just used the example on the sketch builder.

Although, the addition of the re-connection routine is an upgrade I usually add.

Same here, as in my Sonoff example. Seems to have some instability (button bounce) but I eventually fixed that with proper debouncing code (but haven’t updated my example yet).

This time I wanted to play with multiple switches and hardware interrupts, which I have never actually used before :hushed: as well as make it fully functional without App, the code more “modular” for expansion and well commented for newer users to follow through.