Sync after Hardware-Reset, Time Input Widget and Menu Widget

Every time after Hardware-Reset I need to trigger the Time Input Widget and Menu Widget in my App to get my variables, depending on the Widget settings, synced(updated). I think those two Widgets work only in push-Mode. Is that right?
Is there another way to sync(update) my variables after reset ?

Thanks in advance

…part of my sketch with variables that need to get updated after Hardware-Reset
TimeInputParam t2(param);
ZSU2_New = HIGH;

ZSU2_Weekday[1] = t2.isWeekdaySelected(7);
for (int i = 1; i < 7; ++i)
ZSU2_Weekday[i+1] = t2.isWeekdaySelected(i);

//This I need to do because the selection of ALL OR NONE weekday(s) in the Widget gets the same result: all weekdays are selected
ZSU2_WTA = ZSU2_Weekday[1] && ZSU2_Weekday[2] && ZSU2_Weekday[3] && ZSU2_Weekday[4] && ZSU2_Weekday[5] && ZSU2_Weekday[6] && ZSU2_Weekday[7];

ZSU2_Activ = LOW;

if (!ZSU2_WTA && t2.hasStartTime() && t2.hasStopTime())
ZSU2_StartHour = t2.getStartHour();
ZSU2_StartMinute = t2.getStartMinute();
ZSU2_StopHour = t2.getStopHour();
ZSU2_StopMinute = t2.getStopMinute();
if ((ZSU2_StopHour * 60 + ZSU2_StopMinute) > (ZSU2_StartHour * 60 + ZSU2_StartMinute))
ZSU2_Activ = HIGH;

Thanks for the fast reply.
Actually I use already Blynk.syncAll() but it does not update my variables. Only when I trigger the widget in the App it does what I expect.
After your answer I did update my Android-App and my Arduino-Library but it does not work. Furthermore I did try also Blynk.syncVirtual(V8) with the same result, it does not work.
What am I doing wrong?
Does it help to try with a new project to see if the error is in my sketch?
What do you suggest to find the bug(error)?

Thanks in advance for your help

What exactly doesn’t work? Could you please be more specific? Do you have appropriate BLYNK_WRITE(V8)? Doesn’t V8 handler triggered? Or something else? Please post full sketch.

Sorry for my late reply. I did try many things and finally I get my variables synced/updated after Hardware-Reset.
I just did replace Blynk.syncAll() by Blynk.syncVirtual(V8) and it works like a charm. I don’t know why Blynk.syncAll() does not sync my Menu and Time Input widgets (V6, V7 and V8).
Maybe the LCD widget, which I use in simple mode pushing, causes the problems.
I dont have BLYNK_WRITE(V4) and …(V5) for the LCD. Maybe thats the reason why Blynk.sync.All() does not sync the widgets with a higher number than V5.
However, now Blynk.syncVirtual(Vx) does the job in a perfect way.

Thank you very much for your help and big compliment for blynk.