Switching between Blynk and a Bluetooth app

Would it be possible to switch back and forth between Blynk on an android device to another app that works with Bluetooth on the arduino uno. I would like to be able to either use Blynk or at times switch to an app that works over Bluetooth. Can this be done in a Sketch? This would be more for as a backup in-case the internet went down at my location. Or will Blynk support Bluetooth in the near future?

Yes sure, it is possible.
If you already have BT control, it will be easy to integrate (additionally control with Blynk).
And yes, Blynk over Bluetooth is also planned!

Any idea when Bluetooth support will be released?

I’m currently considering BLE chip nrf8001 as a first candidate for integration.
It shouldn’t take long, however, it will take time to integrate it in our Apps (Android, iOS).
But we’re now focused on delivery of the promised widgets! :wink:
Stay tuned!