Switch LED

I new user on the app.
I want to switch led on \ off with arduino uno via bluetooth module HM-10.

I was installed the libraries from the website and I tried burn “serial_HM10_HC08” example in arduino.

I have some qustions:

  1. This is the right example for my traget?
  2. What I supposed to write in the line #define SerialBLE Serial1 // Set Serial object?
  3. I understood that support on BLE modules is BETA, the bluetooth communication is still good?, I need high range communiction.


For high range you can have two mobiles one for BLE connect and other for control good but esp8266 is better for long range communication or any other IOT shield might be better. This is the right example. Happy blynking :slight_smile:

  1. That one you said is the one for hm10.
  2. Hardware Serial(Serial1/2/3) on arduino mega, Software Serial(search on google) on arduino uno.
  3. ESP or ENC like Wifi/Ethernet modules would work reliably on long range, since Bluetooth is made for low range network.

Someone can to post a picture please
I want to know what I need to change in the code