SuperChart version 2.16.7

Not sure if it’s by design or a bug.

Each datastream has the option to show or hide y-axis. This setting appears to cover both portrait and landscape mode. So y-axis is on or off for both. Does that mean we can’t use the original design of off in portrait and on in landscape?

It was made on purpose, but we’re thinking on how to improve.

What would you say settings for a such look should be?

@Eugene is that iOS and Android?

With 2 datastreams on, in both portrait and landscape, looks OK.

I try never to use 3 datastreams as personally that looks grotesque with all 3 labels crammed on the left.

With 4 datastreams the data is running through the y-axis and looks terrible. So for me it would need an extra flag to set just off in portrait.

As an app user rather than a project user we don’t have the facility for the end user to make the choice. At some point, when SuperChart design is stabilised, it would be useful for app users to have the same features as the project users.

As the current layout “was by design” this is moved to the ideas category.

Both. iOS is awaiting for Apple’s approval.

Thanks for your feedback.