Superchart resets every time my phone screensaver activates?

Hi all,

Downloaded the android version to my phone a few days and have been working on an app. My project simply pushes 4 temperature readings every few seconds. I use 4 separate value displays using virtual pins with data pushed from an ESP8266. I have the Superchart widget installed as well linked to the 4 virtual pins.

The data comes across and displays correctly on the value displays and the superchart. Some time this afternoon, as I was developing the code, I noticed that everytime my screensaver engages on my phone and I go back in, the superchart Live tab resets back to zero and starts logging data from the beginning. It was working fine for me in the morning? In the morning, I could log out of the app and go back in and all the data would still be in superchart. I could scroll backwards for an hour or so and see all the data. Now it resets every time? I’m watching the data on my PC with serial.prints and it does not loose connection with the server?

Any ideas what might cause this type of behavior?

Well it seems I found the problem so I’ll go ahead and mark this solved. It appears I changed the code on the Blynk.virtualWrite . Initially I was sending the argument for the data as an integer and then later changed it so it was sending the number as a string. Apparently Superchart does not let you save non integer data.

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Yes. That’s correct.