Superchart Not Scrolling

• Smartphone OS 13.5.1
• Blynk server
• Blynk App v2.26.5 (1)


I have superchart widgets running on four different projects, receiving data from 12 different devices. Until this morning (AU) all was fine . . . now the chart does not scroll on any widget or data set on display of 6h or greater.

I have deleted the Blynk App; rebooted the iPhone and reinstalled the app.

Is there a Blynk server/superchart widget issue???


Samething happened to me at the same time on my supercharts. Was running successfully for 2 years. Something changed?

1 day high resolution superchart wont scroll, but 3month high resolution superchart will scroll.

  • Smartphone OS 13.5.1
  • Blynk Server
  • Blynk App v2.26.5(1)

@Dmitriy any ideas?

One for @Eugene I guess…


Thats probably not the issue of the Superchart itself. Graph data is not permanently cached, so restarting the app would make the app refetch the data from server.

@Dmitriy is it possible to be somehow related to the recent power down of NY server?

Yes, seems like related to the recent server update. But I haven’t seen any errors…

If this helps, it appears only the 1 day high resolution is “frozen.” The other high resolution graphs scroll OK. When my phone app opens there is a “jump” in the 1 day high resolution graph as it loads the new data from the last time the phone app ran. It is then “frozen.” The 1w 2w 1M 3M high resolution graphs scroll OK, and contain all my data going back months, and work as they should.

All the best, bigMoose

I reload the phone app every day on iPhone. (Close and re open) with todays cycle the 1d high resolution graph is performing PERFECTLY.

For me there is no more error.

Thank you if corrective action was taken!

Yes, same here, scrolling is now working again . . . something changed . . .