Superchart, increase resolution?

I need to display with superchart the number and frequency of starting a pump. ON-OFF visuation works well only in live mode but with minimal granularity (1 hour) I do not see startups that last an average of 3 minutes. Is there a way to increase the granularity to at least 30 minutes? is there a method to view short time events (2, 3 minutes)?

There has been multiple references to chart data resolution already… I believe you are stuck with the averaging for Cloud Server, (due being free for us but with cost for Blynk and all), but you should be able to make some adjustments with Local Server and an installed DB. Search around this forum of more info on this subject.

I did not explain it well
in granular view 1 hour I can not see changes in status that last, for example, 4 minutes. If it is true that on your server you can send at least 1 reading per minute I should have at least 3 readings and then something to view. It’s normal? With a granularity of 30 minutes, this should be more apparent.