SuperChart: erase or export data from hardware

Is there a hardware-side function to erase or email data in a SuperChart widget? I know that I can erase or email the displayed data from the SuperChart widget, but the ability to accomplish this task programmatically would be useful. In my case, I have a Blynk project that is recording temperature data in an incubator over 14 hours. When I start a new incubation, I would like to programmatically erase the older data in the SuperChart display.

For example, something like this to erase the pin V0 data that is displayed in a SuperChart:
Blynk.setProperty(V0, “data”, “erase”);

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Hello. Not possible at the moment. However, we plan reporting feature.

@Dmitriy hello, has this been implemented yet?
As @jpsabo said it would be very useful!

You can use Reporting Widget instead. It should fit described use case.

Thanks @Dmitriy

I think I see the reporting widget, it just us a button which send a report?
And not a chart?

I do like seeing the chart. The problem is if a sensor gives an errant reading i.e. 99999 it ruins the scale when selecting 1week, 3months etc…

I guess I could manually adjust the scale.

All reports are just data… a chart is simply a graphical representation of said data. The reports widget will generate a customisable report (of data) that you can then view and convert to charts in programs like Excel.

Besides from Reporting Widget that export the data, option to erase the existing data on virtual pin, from the hardware, would be nice. Superchart already have that option but only from the app I guess. This option can be used if the purpose of the project is to showing data just for that session when user running the hardware.

Hi, is there a command now to erase the data from the super chart? Or alternatively an option in the report widget that once the report has been sent the data is automatically erased, and we start a fresh recoding. At the moment it looks like this can only be done physically on the app.

If you go into the chart and set to another V pin, exit. Comeback and reattach it will clear the data.

Hi David,
My bad explanation, what I would like to do is clear the data using a software solution and not via a operator/user intervention. e.g. after the automated Report is sent out at the prescribed time then clear the recorded data. Thanks

I don’t think it’s possible. Have you checked the report widget? The super chart is more for a visual.