Superchart Datastream Start Stop: Possible?

I use Superchart Datastream from 2 Sensors (Arduino Uno per USB Connection)
I need Plotting only 60-90 seconds (in Full Screen Modus!), then I will the Datastream stop and es Graph to analise.
How can I stop the Datastream? I will the Graph further on Screen seen.
And How can I start it?
I need a sketch?
I would prefer to Start/Stop with a Button. Is that possibly? Like a Recording Button or similar:)


My Project is an old Lever Espressomashine to “digitalize”

Superchart plots data received over time.
There is no way to stop time :cry:


Thanks Pete!
is it possible the funktion Blynk.virtualWrite (data sending from arduino to Blynk) in a way to limit (if)
Datastream start, wen (if) scale (one coupled sensor of three, HX711, the others are temperatur, Max7566 and PressureSensor ) goes on…stop, wen scale goes off??
Greatings Levi

Sorry, I have no idea what this means.


:sob: :sob: my English

I will try tomorow again. Now ist too late here (CET, Germany).

Hi, I try again my Question to formulate.
I would like to see the Datastream in Superchart just 2 Minuten. I need so long to shot an Espresso.
How is it possible the Datastream only for these Period to seen. And the Graph on the Screen longer to have.
Is that Possible with a Button or Slider Widget?

In Live Ranges Picker I see only 50-60 Sec., it is too short…

The short answer is “No”


Thanks Pete,
have you any Idea, how could I a 2-Minutes-long (Standalone) Graph in Blynk to produce?
I have 3 Sensors as Source (Temperature, Pressure, Weight)
Is it such a Graph in Blynk possible?

Maybe you should look at other services such as AdafruitIO or ThingSpeak.