Superchart data erase, RESTful API


My Superchart data in stuck on a point. Ereasing or exporting don’t work.
Sometimes ereasing seems to work untill i press pause and play again, then it goes back.
Exporting says it sends stuff, which never arrives.

Tried deleting then reinstalling, didn’t really work.
I use the http api for sending data.

I use android 9

Anything I can do?

When you say “gets stuck on a point” what exactly does this mean?
Can you provide screenshots, and a sample of the data that you’re uploading?

What does the data from the download, or reports widget look like?


“gets stuck” wasn’t really the best expression. Even if it lets me wipe the data from the chart, as i pause and continue it goes back to that previous state.It does let me (sort of) fill in new data. I am trying to use the HTTP API, currently only with a chrome and a debian command line (curl).

It seems i have interesting Y-axis data too, one for all of the individual datastreams. It can be that i am misunderstanding and this is exactly how it supposed to work. I have uploaded 2 videos (to 9gag, don’t ask) of this phenomenon.

random sample of what I did: // android // ios

btw isHardwareConnected coming back false. I am using a raspberry pi and an arduino uno, but i wouln’t want to include the blynk library in their code so i’m gonna use mysql and php to prepare my data, then comes the curl. Would it be a problem that i don’t have a device connected?

To be honest, having watched those videos I’m non the wiser.

Unless you have a device connecting to the Blynk server using the auth code in the sketch then the device will show as being offline, but that shouldn’t be an issue.