Superchart can`t be selected to edit

Good day
Running latest iPhone apps & local server-0.29.5-java8.jar
I`m using ESP8266 for my projects wifi with local sever connection and is working fine

My problem is SuperChart selected into my project through widget box but when i try to select to edit, it goes back to widget box and wait for me to select a widget.

Have been using SuperChart in the past and was working fine!?


Well here is at least part of your problem :stuck_out_tongue: Latest version is 0.37.1

As has been mentioned many times, even in the last week, Update (and keep updated) all of your Blynk items, App, Library (including re-flashing all devices) and Local Server, if you hope to keep everything working as the developers keep developing.

Thank :grinning: will update.

Thanks working fine