Superchart Binary Flip value

Hi guys…

I’ve tried to use binary display in superchart for a while, first in my local server setup (0.35.3 java8 on RPi3, running well and stable) and now with my standard blynk-cloud account, both using the latest android version.

Problem is: I can’t enter a flip value. Entering a value, leaving the screen, checking back in and flip is on zero again. It simply does not save flip.

As a workaround you can raise the min value to the desired flip-value and enter flip (same as min), leave to save, re-enter and enter the real min-value. This saves the flip-value. But just changing flip does not work (for me).

Can you confirm this or am I nuts?



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Hello. Please try to update to the latest server version. It may be the reason. If that doesn’t help we will investigate further.

I will do on Monday. But anyway the same thing happens when using the most recent app and blynk online services, so your own server…

Thanks for the report. We had fixed this issue, after some test and additional fixes/updates - we’ll release 2.21.0 build with a fix to this issue.