Superchart Axis

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I think it could be a good idea to modify the Y axis of the super chart. Imagine the case you have five different variables in your chart, three of them supposed to move in the same range and the other two supposed to move in another range; instead of having a Y axis for each one with max and min, it could be better to have just a Y axis for the first variable, and the next two variables being linked to the first. Then, another Y axis for the fourth variable and the las one linked to it. With this method it could be easy to have auto-range for the Y axis also. With so many axis appearing in the superchart, sometimes you have almost no space in the app for the chart itself.

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Well, I for one, am unable to picture what you are saying :stuck_out_tongue:

But as it is now, you can only have up to 4 separate datastreams anyhow… so not too crowded, for me at least… and you can arrange them as needed (separate, overlapping, combination of the two, etc.) have less streams or enlarge the chart if you want more room.

When I read @Jomugu’s suggestion I had visions of a software developer’s brain exploding out of his head, followed closely by @Gunner and @Costas when they try to explain how to use this new feature to some school kid.

You have to remember that the guys at Blynk are trying to develop a range of widgets that are both powerful and fairly intuitive to use for both end-users and the people like ourselves. If there was a scenario where people frequently wanted to display particular information like temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure - that created a demand for a particular type of data layout then I think it would be a reasonable request. Otherwise it’s diverting development sources away from other projects to create facilities that (in my opinion) would be little used and little understood.


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You are right, Pete :wink:

How did you stack the 4 plots?

Using the % of Height option as shown in the Docs. In my case I left a small gap in between each: 0-23, 26-49, 52-74, 77-100.

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Riiight…nice :wink: