Superchart always starting at live, not at last setting

Using the old Blynk, superchart would stay in the time view that was last being viewed.
In the new Blynk, they will always go back to live if the app has been killed. If still open in the background, they will most of the time stay in the time view that was last used.
Hope this is a bug that will be fixed.

IOS or Android?
App version?


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Thanks, sorry about that,
Android 12, PIxel 6.
Blynk v1.5.4 (85)


We just released 1.6.1 update - this issue should be already fixed in it.

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Still the same.
I leave min and max blank so they say false/true.
Flip is 0 and now I cant even enter any number in it.
So I would like anything under 500 to show false, anythink over true. Or on/ff.
Previous version I could add a number but it would be saved, now I can only add zeroes, no other numbers, I cant even write 500, but I can write 0000.
Using 1.6.1, Pixel 6, Android 12.

Sorry, my previous reply was about the superchart flip value.
Just checked this issue. If I kill Blynk (or leave it for hours in the background) it will still go back to live, not e.g. 6h as used last time.
Version 1.6.1. Android 12, Pixel 6

If you are not killing app does it persist the value: close the app, wait a minute and force close it via system settings or history stack? We save UI cache when the app is closed (get backgrounded), force close obviously breaks this behavior

That is strange that you can not enter value for a flip field, how does keyboard behave?

All I can enter is 0, several zeroes is fine but nothing else.
Interestingly. I have several charts. One is RSSI range -120 - 0. That one I can write a flip number, any number. All other I can not, only 0.
Also in the latest version, I can no longer write min/max. When I delete prepopulated 100 it comes back. I can only add numbers after that first 1 but if I delete the 1, 100 comes back. It worked fine in the previuos version (1.5.4 I belive).

It stays if the app is running in the background. But after some time it might have been closed by Android to save memory.
If I close the app (not force close in app manager, just “erase it from open apps”), it will go back to live.

I’ve rechecked - I can confirm that issue exists. We will fix it in the next release.
On Graph min/max/flip edit - I’m checking this issue, there will be some fixes as well.

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Another thing about the supergraph.
If you have several variables in a graph and deselect one or more, then “scroll back in time” all will be selected again. I want to be able to only show one while scrolling.

Also, I would like higher resolution than 1min on the 1h graph, but that of course is not a bug but a feature request.