Super cheap server for Local Blynk server

Hi guys, just found this cloud. It is super cheap (3$/month) and uses 4 ARM cores. Maybe it would be helpful for someone.



I do not understand the whole local server thing. The reason I thought that Blynk works to connect my project to my phone was because of Blynk cloud server. This way, no matter what the IP address, the project and phone can communicate, even with the NAT’d IP of the phone.

If I create a local server, then dont the phone and project have to be on the same network? Right now, my project could be in one part of the world and my phone in another and still be able to control the project. I dont understand how the communication works if I am using local server and where the project can be in relation to the phone?


It depends on what you want to achieve.

You could install local server within your local network and restrict access to it from outside. In that case - yes, the only way to connect to it is from local network. This grants more security and less ways to hack you system/network. + All data is stored only within your network. No one have access to it. Only you.

You could do the same, but instead of restricting access from outside you may do port forwarding and enable access from outside. In this case you could reach your local server from everywhere (in case you have public ip or domain name assigned to it).

The 3-d way would be to deploy local server somewhere outside your network, let’s say in some cloud like above. The good thing with this approach - your server is running forever, no power outage, no restarts.

All 3 ways gives you : better security (only you aware of your server), better stability (you don’t relying on someone’s cloud), better latency (server as close to you as it could be), maximum privacy (all data belong only to you).

For some projects this is critical. So they choose Local Blynk Server.


Thanks for that information. That helps me decide how to proceed with my plans. With my latest project, I could set up a cloud server and then allow access to it by the users, which hopefully will number in the hundreds.

If am reading correctly, each user would still set up a user account and generate tokens to access their own dashboard?

One last thing for now, the link to How to install Java in the page does nothing when I click on it?

Java 8 required. (OpenJDK, Oracle).
How to install Java.


Yes, But all this will be done within your local server.

Thanks for pointing. Fixed.

Alrighty, get ready for more questions! I have been reading and am going to attempt local.server.

Wish me luck!

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Hmmmm, well I cant get past the first step. I have gone here

clicked on Accept License Agreement and chose

Windows x64 186.57 MB jdk-8u65-windows-x64.exe

It starts downloading and then hangs at 0.4/181MB. I have tried several times throughout the day to download this file. I guess I am missing something. Anybody else have this problem?

I think its going to take me a while to set up local server!


Hi Dmitriy,

The cheap private server is quite tempting option, but can I know if the Project sharing will still work?


@akm17 sure. but please do not post question with unrelated post next time.

Just to follow up. While trying to download the Java file, the download kept hanging up. I was seeing "Failed-Network error. That was using Google as the browser. I opened up Firefox and did the download in about a minute and a half. Anyway, it worked and I finally have the download.

So, following the steps in the documents page, I type java -version in the command prompt and the reply I got was
java version “1.8.0_40”
Java ™ SE Runtime Environment (Build 1.0.8_40-b26)
Java HotSpot ™ Client Vm (Build 24.40_b25, mixed mode, sharing)

Then I typed in the next line
cd Users/User/Blynk/Server the reply was
The system cannot find the path specified

As I have never set up a local server, I have no idea where to go from here?

Thank you

You need to type folder where your jar is.

Is that valid Windows folder path? Please try full path

Hmmm, i am not sure where to look for that? But I will start

Ill see what I can figure out here

Ok, so I think I understand that the .jar file is in the Blynk Server. Lets start with where should I install the blynk server once I download that?

Thank you

It doesn’t matter. Up to you.

I put the server file here
C:\Users\Chuck\Blynk Server\blynk-server-0.11.3
so I entered
Users\Chuck\Blynk Server\blynk-server-0.11.3 and it reported that it cannot find the path specified.
I changed the back slash to forward slash as in the example
Users/Chuck/Blynk Server/blynk-server-0.11.3 and it reported that “users” is not recognized as in internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Went back to re-read community posts. No dice.

For folders with spaces you need add “”.

cd "C:\Users\Chuck\Blynk Server"

Thank you. That got me to C:\Users|Chuck|Blynk Server>

So, I would assume then, based on what you just told me that I would need to add quotes to the example
java -jar server-0.11.4.jar -dataFolder /path

since that folder also has spaces. Then I would also need to specify the path for dataFolder/path?


Hi Anyone, sorry if not the right place to ask… but I’m interested to try Blynk Server in scaleway, now they run out of stock, except for existing member can send an invitation. I’ve been waiting an invitation directly from them but nothing coming. So for anyone with invitation kindly enough to spare with me, I will use it for hosting Blynk server and do further testing.

Many thanks…

hi, i am new so i don’t if it’s the right place to ask, i have a raspberry pi that i want to control using the blink app but i wan’t to do it on local network using no pc so could i download the blynk local server to the pi itself?