Super chart ( waiting for data )


I have setup a super chart(IOS). And when i choose the range like - live, 30min, 1hr, 6hrs, 1day, 1week, 1month.

It says waiting for data and stays there and does not return any value.

Where as on my android it shows the values properly.

Legacy or 2.0?

Blynk 2.0

There is no point in using legacy. They are shutting it down :sob:.

@Madhukesh could you please send the app logs?

Sent. :v:t2:

Noticed one more glitch/bug.

I have selected the range tabs while setting up the widget like 30min, 1Hr, 6D, 1W etc.

Now when i press 30min it does not get selected and stays at 1Hr tab. But when i change the first tab to live and click, it goes to live tab n starts to show data.


Where you able to re-create the glitch / bug at your end ?

The problem no longer exists. Selecting the timeline will instantly fetch the data and show the graph.
“Waiting for data” does not stay forever.

Don’t know what fixed the issue, I have not changed anything on my part.
May be a update in the app has solved it !!

Great job fixing the issue :clap:t2: