Suggestions on how to tackle this use case? Use on device to trigger another

Hoping to pick some of your brains to see what the best solution is.

Here is the situation. I have a sensor that reads data and sends it to Blynk IoT. I have a controller that I want to be triggered by a reading done by the sensor. For instance the sensor reaches 50%, a command is sent to the controller, and the controller does something.

It seems this could be done through the API, either the sensor sends it to the controller, or the controller checks for the latest reading. Are there any other thoughts on how to do this? Something “outside the box”?

The controller could be another Blynk IoT device as well, but not sure if that helps ultimately.

Looking for something that is easy to use as well.

Thanks for any help you can provide! It is greatly appreciated!

Hello. you can use automations - Automations - Blynk Documentation

Thanks @Dmitriy I didn’t realize that you could use automations to trigger different devices under the same organization. That’s definitely great and is probably the easiest and best way to tackle this!

Thanks for your help. This is exactly why I asked.