Styled Button Controlling Digital Pins (differently than standard button)

I add a styled button to my project to control D1 pin of nodemcu. Styled button does not work. With the same pin number (D1) classic button is working.

I think this is a error.

Interesting… I tested this with a LED and both styled and regular button on same PWM pin. Both had the MIN-MAX set at 0-1

The styled button lit it up dimly… true PWM fashion

The original button just lit it full intensity as expected.

But as soon as I changed both buttons to 0-2, they both lit the LED dimly in PWM fashion… and as expected with increasing values up to 255.

So it appears there is some ON/OFF/PWM logic algorithm that has changed, or is missing, with the new button…

The same happened with me.

Tested on Arduino Mega digital pin 13 (internal LED). Simple on-off toggle.
works with simple button widget, but does not work with Styled button.
App version 2.24.0 Android

Thanks. Seems like a bug with new button. We will check.

This issue is fixed in 2.25.1 release, it should be available very soon to download.

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Confirmed working in my tests. :+1: