Strange forum behaviour after upgrade

The forum was down yesterday afternoon/evening and it appears that the forum software was upgraded.

There’s now a strange behaviour when quoting sections of code from a post. The line breaks are now strippped-out of the code, so it appears as a single line of code, so is totally unreadable.

Could you guys take a look at this please?



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I concur

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This issue with quoting user code (which also incorrectly displays certain characters, as if unformatted) is quite a pain to edit each and every time. @Pavel Can we get the “normal” way back soon?

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We are dependent on Discourse updates and can’t roll back, unfortunately.

Drop them a Issues and Errors report Topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anything new on this issue? “fixing” quoted code fragments is just adding to the “help noobs” effort… becoming almost like a job :scream:

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