Strange disconnection since around 15h00 CEST

Hi, sorry if this message is not in the right place, but I think it’s the good one.
My setup suddenly don’t connect anymore since 15h00 CEST and my 4 devices are a kind of “disconnected” by blynk server.
All my devices are connecting and pinging correctly but are immediately disconnected from
Issue can come from the blynk servers … Am I not alone in this case ?

Thank you.

I’ve decreased my number of messages/sec in case it was that, but the issue is still happening again and again …

The 4 devices usually connected I’ve mentioned above are 1x MKR1010, 2x NodeMCU1.0, 1x Linkit DUO.

I assume you mean ?

Cloud server statuses are shown at the bottom of this page:

All 100% uptime today, and for the past 7 days.

You probably have a local networking issue. Have you tried rebooting your router, then once it’s back up again, each of your devices?

It’s also possible that your ISP has started blocking the Blynk protocol for some reason.


Hi Pete, thank you for your reply !
Yes sorry for the typo.
Network issue on my Firewall / IPS, App layer inspection have detected that this is not pure HTTP going into tcp port 80, so was blocked :sweat_smile:
Again thanks for your reactivity.